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True Digital Amplification

The True Digital Amplifier is unlike any other regular amplifier.  It takes in a PCM digital audio  stream (ie via a Toslink cable) and processes the data in a completely digital environment, until the final stage (just prior to the loud speaker terminals).  The result is  'True Digital Audio'. 

Modern amplifers and playback devices use DACs to convert Digital data to Analog music - and some do this better than others.  Often 'algorithm, filters, loop backs' and other magic is used create a musical tone the manufacturer is trying to get you to hear.  The AVA Media Maestro amplifiers do not use DACS.  Patented technology is used in the Maestro products to ensure that the music delivered to your speakers is as near to the original recording as possible.


Music, as the artist intended

Maeve O'Boyle is an example of an artist who wants you to hear music 'as the artist intended' and below you can see a live recording of her beautiful song 'Brothers in Arms'.  If you want to hear more - or buy her music - please visit toytownrecords.  Or visit Maeve's web sites Maeve O'Boyle - Maeve O'Boyle TV

See below how easy it is to select and play Maeve's track 'Brothers in Arms' on an iPhone and play it through an Apple AirPort Express to the Maestro-50

To order your Maestro-50, click here


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