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  • Maestro-50
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  • Rear of the Maestro-50
  • Rear of the Maestro-50 with an Apple TV
  • Maestro-50 with volume control in
  • Maestro-50 with volume control out
  • Example of room with AirPort Express playing music from your Apple iPhone / iPad via the Maestro-50
  • Rear of Maestro-50
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Product Description


The Maestro-50, is an example of a True Digital Amplifier that delivers amazing quality sound from any digitally connected device - at an affordable price.  Created from a single billet of aerospace grade aluminium, precisely cut, and then hand finished, the Maestro-50 not only delivers amazing, powerful sound - it looks beautiful too.

  • Low profile chassis – 42mm tall
  • 50W of True Digital Amplification
  • Two digital inputs
  • Sub-woofer out
  • Very accurate digital reproduction
  • Very power efficient (>94%)
  • Cut from a solid aluminium billet, to exacting standards
  • Neat push in / pop out volume control

The product was designed with two key aspects in mind, simplicity and versatility. We have developed a unit that can take any digital audio input (via coaxial or optical cable) and turn it into a unique audio experience:

Windows PC | MAC PC | PlayStation 3| Boxee | WD TV Live | Apple TV | Apple Airport Express | Netgear NeoTV | AVA Media ZARA Premium | eg. any device with a digital audio output

As long as you have a pair of old speakers anything can be your source of music.

Please note - Maestro-50 does not include any Apple devices with the purchase as seen on some of the product pictures, these are for illustrative purposes only.


  Dimensions   177 (w) x 117 (d) x 42(h) mm.                           Output Power                             
  Material   6082 Aluminium.     8 ohm, 0dBFS        20W
  Colour   Brushed satin black.     4 ohm, 0dBFS     50W 
  Bit Resolution   24/96 on both digital inputs.     Distortion (THD+N)    
  Power Input   110/240VAC 50/60Hz     8 ohm, 1W    < 0.4%
  Idle Power    < 1W     4 ohm, 1W    < 0.8%
  Acoustics   0dBA @ 1M     8 ohm, 10W    < 0.6%
  Remote Control    No     4 ohm, 1W    < 0.5%
  Nett Weight   2.8Kg     4 ohm, 10W    < 010%
  Options   No     4 ohm, 20W    < 0.25%


  - Universal (110-240VAC 50-60Hz) mains power input (IEC connector)
  - S/PDIF TOSLINK input
  - S/PDIF COAX input
  - Subwoofer output (line level) - Phono/RCA
  - L & R speaker outputs (50W per channel into typical 4 ohm speakers) - via 4mm banana sockets
    (screw terminal banana plugs included)  


  - Patented 2.1 digital amplifier with accurate and powerful sound processing (50W per channel).
  - Automatic power on from sleep mode .
  - ProAudio 'pop out, push in' volume control.
  - Small, low profile understated enclosure with a brushed black finish.

  Included - Maestro-50M True Digital Amplifier - Power Cord - 2x Red and 2x black screw on 4mm speaker plugs - User guide.

The Maestro-50 is designed to ensure you enjoy your music either from network music players (ie Apple AirPlay devices), or direct connection to digital players (ie PS3) etc.

As demonstrated below you can utilize products like an Apple TV or an Apple AirPort Express to stream the music from your iTunes library or an AirPlay-enabled app, via your iPhone or iPad. The Maestro-50 takes the digital audio stream and, using a patented technology, converts this stream to sound powered through your old or new speakers. The sound is amazingly clear - it's a True Digital Amplifier - and with 50W per channel, you can to fill your room with every detail. Enjoy music as the artist intended, with the Maestro-50. For the technically minded - please review the 'Technology' page


The Maestro-50 comes with a full money back guarantee.  Should you find that the Maestro-50 does not satisfy, you can return it within 10 days of receipt (subject to our Terms and Conditions of sale).  We are so confident on the lifespan of the Maestro-50, we are supplying it with a 60 month (5 years) manufacturers warranty.


Q. What does it really sound like?
A. Every person is different, and everyone will hear sounds differently.  Therefore there is no 'perfect' sound system.  However, what we can tell you is that the sound output of the Maestro Amplifiers is 'True'.  There are no filters (except for the sub), or software systems trying to make the sound better, or any other 'magic' trying to make a particular 'characteristic sound' - which you may not wish to hear.  With the Maestro Amplifier what goes in, comes out - and it's exactly the same. That means the finest of detail is delivered to the speakers, that does not mean your speakers can process it, but it is available if they can.  Test users have described the music from the Maestro Amplifier as 'wider' and 'deeper' - and more immersive, some say 'around me' as opposed to 'in front'.  Each user will hear things differently - but the music will always be 'True'. One thing is for sure, you will hear what the artist recorded. 

Q. Can I use the True Digital Amplifier with my PS3?
A. Yes, you can use any player, that has a digital output.  A digital output comes in 3 formats:


TOSLINK (Optical S/PDIF) - as you may find on an Apple TV (above) - or a DLNA TV
Mini TOSLINK (Optical S/PDIF) - as you may find on a Apple AirPort Express (above) or 'thin DLNA TV' - look for the 'red light' in the hole.
COAXIAL (cable S/PDIF) - as you may find on a HiFi (above) player (CD).

Q. What is a True Digital Amplifier?
A. Check out this page

Q. How does a True Digital Amplifier work?
A. Check out this page 

Q. Can I play my music, using AirPlay in many rooms (with an AirPlay device and Maestro-5) at the same time, in sync?
A. Yes, but it depends on the control software.  iTunes on a PC or Mac can play to numerous 'rooms' but the Music Player on iPhone or iPad can only play to one room at a time 

Q. Why are there 2 connectors for each speaker?
A. Each speaker has a positive and negative terminal, and you must take care to wire each speaker correctly, or the speakers can become 'out of phase'.

Q. What is the SUB output?
A. The SUB output is a line level signal, and connects to any powered Sub Woofer.  It is filtered to approx 80Hz internally.  The unit works perfectly well without a Sub Woofer, but if you are connecting small shelf speakers, adding a Sub Woofer will give you the deep notes that a small speaker may be unable to deliver fully.

Q. Can I connect my headphone lead to the amplifier?
A. No, the amplifier only processes digital inputs, your headphone cable is analog. 

Q. Why the pop out volume control?
A. Normally your app will control the music volume, but from time to time you may wish to control the volume on the unit, or limit the maximum level for that room. We don't want you to have a distraction from the minimalist design, so once you've set your volume, just push the volume control back in. 


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Product Reviews

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  1. Great, but not the full solution 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2013

    I bought my Maestro-50 as the audio centre for a TV/Sat tuner/Recorder/DVD player setup - a quite typical usage, I should think. In terms of performance, I'm very happy, and don't really miss my Quad 404 too much. The speakers are Orbs, with a separate sub-woofer. However, rather than amplify what others have said, let me point out the drawbacks with a system like mine.

    I have two problems: firstly, not enough volume, and secondly, the inaudible dialogue on many Dolby DVDs.

    Used with the Sat tuner, the TV outputs just enough 'volume' on it's digital optical output to drive the Maestro satisfactorily. Just. Some program material is rather quiet. The tuner has it's own volume controls, but in this mode (digital input and output), the TV volume control is inoperable.

    With DVD's or recorder material, volume is often inadequate. The player has no volume control, the TV is fixed, and the Maestro running at maximum. Still not enough.

    Worse still is the problem of Dolby 5.1. DVDs with this system very often have no inbuilt option to use a 2.1 soundtrack. The effect is for the surround sound channels to be 'folded' into the stereo channels, and for the centre (dialogue) channel to be lost between them. Result, lots of atmospheric music, but lots of missed dialogue.

    I considered getting around the first problem by having a separate digital feed to the amp from the DVD player. Unfortunately, that is not a runner, since the back of the unit is not accessible, and the fiddly little selector switch was never designed for such a usage.

    I don't understand enough about the second problem to attempt a solution, but I presume the problem arises because the Maestro has no Dolby Digital decoder. Damn! I thought I could save money on a receiver and have a small, high performance 2.1 system to do the same job. Looks like I was wrong. Maybe I'll have to wait until the recorder unit dies and I replace it with one that has the necessary functionality. Any suggestions?

  2. Everything I hoped it would be! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Apr 2013

    Ordered a Maestro 50 on Friday lunchtime; delivered on Monday morning, excellently packaged. The amplifier itself appears to be robustly constructed, reflecting AVA Media's professional market orientation, perhaps.

    Straightforward set up with a Mac Mini via optical input and a TV Freeview box via digital coaxial, feeding Bose Acoustimass 5 speakers.

    So far I've previewed the amp with a wide selection of tracks including rock, pop and opera vocals, orchestral, classical guitar and jazz. The sound produced is all that was promised and then some. Very clear, transparent and full-ranging sound from 320kb AAC iTunes files, mostly ripped from my CD collection and a few old vinyl discs. Freeview HD is very clear, too.

    Compared with what I'm used to, yes, it has sometimes revealed things I haven't heard before. It is like a thick curtain has been removed. Put another way, some might call the sound rather clinical, which could have implications for choice of speakers. It won't make lousy ones sound good. Likewise, inferior source material is going to get shown up.

    To summarise, I think the Maestro 50 is quite excellent value. That it comes from a British maker is for me a real bonus too. Thank you, AVA Media!

  3. Fantastic 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Apr 2013

    Absolutely fantastic. For £229?? Really cannot go wrong.
    I had to get the USB - SPDIF Adapter in order to use this amp with my computer and I have never looked back.

  4. Audiofile quality at high street price 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Mar 2013

    I have owned my Maestro-50 for about two months now. It is connected via an Apple Airport express to my wireless network via an optical digital cable and to a pair of vintage '70s Mordant Shorts 4 Ohm 25W three speaker units ( Bass, Teeter and cross-over).
    In the pre sales literature Pure Audio Stream suggested that 'you may hear things in your CD tracks that you have never heard before'. I can confirm this is quite true (in a positive sense). The clarity and quality of reproduction is everything I could ask, and holds good, up to max volume. It's hard to imagine what spending more money could have achieved.

  5. thumping bass 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Mar 2013

    I love my maestro! It's used to playback the output of my appleTV.

    I push music to it (Spotify from my iphone) and also movie sound tracks (Netflix).

    The energy and bass (via a small sub woofer) are brilliant!

    Less messy wiring, and excellent sound - thanks for this little gem!

  6. 5/5 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Mar 2013

    what more to say 5/5, if there was a 6/5 it is deserved.

    I ordered on Wednesday and got it on the Thursday - like the general reviews here I was astounded by the unit itself, very solid and well made. It looks like it takes ages to make.

    The sound itself was crystal clear, not perhaps quite up to my old (expensive) valve amp, with LPs, but this is different tech, at a very different price - therefore no judgement, it's excellent

    thanks to you all

  7. very clever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Mar 2013

    so there's no DAC? How then does this tiny box deliver such harmonious music?

    when I first held this amp in my hands, I was compelled to use it right away. The build quality is like nothing else, great engineering, and the sound likewise - defined, smooth and textured, overall 5 stars!

  8. What a surprise!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Mar 2013

    the first high end product i bought was a pair of LINN Kan circa 1978. When i heard them in the shop "L'Emotion Musicale", my life changed and i discovered "great sound". 35 years later, i read a review on the Maestro 50 in the e magazine Tone audio, and my brain said "try it, it's not expensive, you've nothing to loose", the old Nait 3 i used was too noisy. My system : mac mini+ amarra+maestro+thiel cs 1.6. Against every thing, you can read on the forums, the Thiels are not so difficult to drive(i had also a Mini Watt). But with the Maestro, it is a rebirth, i feel the same sensation that i had with the Kan, i find a new pleasure to listen to my files, awesome and 3d spatial sound. My regret is at very low level, i can hear the hard drive of the mac mini, and i'll have to find an answer to this problem (do i buy a ssd?)
    Maestro: a five stars bargain.

  9. ToneAudio 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Mar 2013

    I ordered mi box from Pure yesterday, and it arrived today.

    I bought it due to review in ToneAudio Magazine they said it was amazing.

    It is amazing, a small box with a big sound - how is it done?

  10. Pure, smooth 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Mar 2013

    I have pondered on whether to buy this little box, and after reading these reviews, I took a chance. I normally provide reviwes like this, but on this occasion I think I should. This tiny box is simply gorgeous. From the moment I held it in my hand, I anticipated something special, and I was not surprised.

    Power, and plenty of it. I'm using it with a pair of smaller B&W speakers, and I have to say, I'm really impressed. Not only does it have volume, its clear, very clear. I guess the quality depends on the type of music - in my case Spotify streamed via Apple TV - and in my case it sounds like I am there.

    It's fun, and enjoyable - thanks for my nice little box.


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