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Q. What does it really sound like?
A. Every person is different, and everyone will hear sounds differently.  Therefore there is no 'perfect' sound system.  However, what we can tell you is that the sound output of the Maestro Amplifiers is 'True'.  There are no filters (except for the sub), or software systems trying to make the sound better, or any other 'magic' trying to make a particular 'characteristic sound' - which you may not wish to hear.  With the Maestro Amplifier what goes in, comes out - and it's exactly the same. That means the finest of detail is delivered to the speakers, that does not mean your speakers can process it, but it is available if they can.  Test users have described the music from the Maestro Amplifier as 'wider' and 'deeper' - and more immersive, some say 'around me' as opposed to 'in front'.  Each user will hear things differently - but the music will always be 'True'. One thing is for sure, you will hear what the artist recorded. 

Q. Can I use the True Digital Amplifier with my PS3?
A. Yes, you can use any player, that has a digital output.  A digital output comes in 3 formats:


TOSLINK (Optical S/PDIF) - as you may find on an Apple TV (above) - or a DLNA TV
Mini TOSLINK (Optical S/PDIF) - as you may find on a Apple AirPort Express (above) or 'thin DLNA TV' - look for the 'red light' in the hole.
COAXIAL (cable S/PDIF) - as you may find on a HiFi (above) player (CD).

Q. What is a True Digital Amplifier?
A. Check out this page

Q. How does a True Digital Amplifier work?
A. Check out this page 

Q. Can I play my music, using AirPlay in many rooms (with an AirPlay device and Maestro-50) at the same time, in sync?
A. Yes, but it depends on the control software.  iTunes on a PC or Mac can play to numerous 'rooms' but the Music Player on iPhone or iPad can only play to one room at a time 

Q. Why are there 2 connectors for each speaker?
A. Each speaker has a positive and negative terminal, and you must take care to wire each speaker correctly, or the speakers can become 'out of phase'.

Q. What is the SUB output?
A. The SUB output is a line level signal, and connects to any powered Sub Woofer.  It is filtered to approx 80Hz internally.  The unit works perfectly well without a Sub Woofer, but if you are connecting small shelf speakers, adding a Sub Woofer will give you the deep notes that a small speaker may be unable to deliver fully.

Q. Can I connect my headphone lead to the amplifier?
A. No, the amplifier only processes digital inputs, your headphone cable is analog. 

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