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About Us

Pure Audio Stream is a new division of AVA Media, providing direct supply of the AVA Media Digital Amplification products.

Based in Manchester, AVA Media, are well known in the Audio / Video industry for the design and manufacture of very high quality ripping servers.  Many thousands of beautiful, reliable products have been manufactured by AVA Media since 2007, and the launch of Pure Audio Stream now marks the beginning of a new chapter.

All products are manufactured in house, using state of the art CNC milling machines.  All products are hand finished before being anodised, completed and shipped to our customers.


We are passionate about our products and music.  We want you to enjoy music to the full, without having to pay too much for the privilege.


If you are passionate about owning UK designed and manufactured goods that are of exceptional quality, and you also enjoy music as the artist intended you to hear it - then we would like to welcome you as a valued customer.

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