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"Music as the Artist intended "

Recapture your love for music...

Introducing a revolution in music and an evolution of technology, this is Pure Digital Amplification... allowing you to rediscover your love of REAL music!



How does it work?

It is all very simple! 

The Maestro-50 is designed to ensure you enjoy your music either from network music players (ie Apple AirPlay devices), or direct connection to digital players (ie PS3) etc.

As demonstrated below you can then utilize products like an Apple TV or an Apple AirPort Express to stream the music from your iTunes library or an AirPlay-enabled app, via your iPhone or iPad. The Maestro-50 takes the digital audio stream and, using a patented technology, converts this stream to sound powered through your old or new speakers. The sound is amazingly clear - it's a True Digital Amplifier - and with 50W per channel, you can to fill your room with every detail. Enjoy music as the artist intended, with the Maestro-50.



Is it for me?

If you enjoy music and especially detailed room filling sounds, then the Maestro-50 is the right Digital Amplifier for you. If you like modern gadgets to control your music, even in a multi-room setup, and you use AirPlay devices along side your Apple iPhone or iPad etc then the Maestro-50 is perfect for you.

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